Financial & training resources to help you realize
                       your potential & possibilities in life.   
   "An empowered woman can enhance not only her life but the lives of her, family, community & the world."
                                                              Silva Mirzoian, Founder


Discovering how to start over again in life, a new career, a new job, new place to live or just to enhance your current living standards. We are here to empower your journey to success. Connecting you to programs, experts, resources and opportunities.

"Jump-Start Your Life" ® Workshop designed to empower a women to start over in life;
  • Discover your potential & possibilities in life,
  • Access 4 tools that will help you to tap into your inner strengths and abilities.
  • Build up your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • master the steps that will help you overcome your personal challenges in life.
  • Outline a blue print of your life and receive a
  • Personal Make-over.
  • Learn money management/budgeting secrets;
  • Start a small home based business & how to apply for a loan.
  • How to own your own home and much more.





  Our success stories range from women who have entered the career of their dreams, secured full time employment, bought their own home, returned to school, started a small home based business, or overcame a bitter divorce to start a new family.

Portions of our workshop fees are subsidized through corporations, foundations and private individuals.

To read more about personal Empowerment click on the book that started our mission. It is a true life story of Silva Mirzoian, the founder of Passions & Dreams Funding, Inc.


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