Currently providing "The Sky's the Limit" after school life skill
training program to teens at the Challenger Boys & Girls Club in
Los Angeles.

Mentors and positive role models such as Author/Lifestyle Developer
and founder of PDF Silva Mirzoian, Filmmaker J.D. Cohen, Senior Client Manager at Bank of America Terry Engle, Skin Care Specialist to the Stars Ms. Lori Hart,
had fun cooking with Chef Anna Chef Anina Radoyce, educated about the world of finance with Shirley Parsley, talked entrepreneurship with the dynamic CEO of 20/20 Inc  Anna Menedjian, learnt about law and becoming a lawyer by the brilliant attorney Jennifer Lenze. Were drafted into real estate by Realtor to the entertainers and sports figures Tina Perkins at BARNES Los Angeles, Model and Designer Katarzyna and Actress/Artist Sandra Vergara inspired them with the tools to focus, be you and don't be afraid to dream big. Each guest shared valuable tips and wisdom with the teens, inspiring them with the tools and methods to creating their successful future. Career options are discussed and more mentors will continue to empower the teens.

                  A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR GUESTS!!



                   Join us in helping make dreams come true.

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Together with
2 French Chicks Cucina Rustica Los Angeles, Le Mervetty, 
DIABOLO Beverages, Sixt rent a car J.Hilburn Beverly Hills Escrow, 
Splash PR Agency A big thank you to the incredible photographer 
Gérard Billy Photographer Saint-Tropez Los-Angeles 

When most children enter foster care, they receive two trash bags to keep their
belongings in.
 This is no way for a child to start a life. We don't think that this should
be the vision a child should grow up with. 
Every child deserves to live a safe home.
You can donate any amount towards helping us provide suitcases to kids. 
These suitcases will be filled with blankets, toys and
necessities for kids.
Last year we donated to children at Aviva House,
duffle bags filled with toys, books and blanket to keep warm.

Join us again this year and help us make a difference in the lives of children
in foster care.

                                  Join us one day or both days...
                                              LIMITED SPACE
                            Must have a registered ticket to enter



   Releasing the Genie (Magic) Within Show

Starts June 15 2016
at the Challenger Boys & Girls Club in Inglewood
Join us in transforming the lives of children and be part
of helping make their dreams come true!!


                      Join us in helping make dreams come true.
               Sponsor a dream of a child and follow their progress.



Can you be a HERO and give HOPE & LOVE to kids at
St. Jude?

Thank you for helping us make this event successful. We donated 100 Silva the Genie dolls to the kids at St. Jude. And we are still donating more dolls.

If you wish to continue to donate for this cause, please do so by clicking on the donate button below.
Click here to read donation thank you letter from St. Jude.
Thank you  for sending Love & Hope to kids.


Kids are our future leaders and masters.
There are many kids who are heroes in their homes and classrooms.
We would like to celebrate them and connect them to other heroes so together we can create a better world.
Classroom teachers can use heroic role models and stories to instill character strengths and values in children. Parents are usually the most influential hero!
Are You A Hero?
Let us know by:
 Capturing a 1 min video of yourself telling us why you are a hero and then ask 3 of your friends if they are a hero.
Upload the clip to our facebook page and tag your friends.
The more heroes we create the better!




Helping kids build their self esteem

One of a kind comic book that will transform your life.

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 Connecting students to successful role models,
 on-site/online training, internship & scholarship programs through


On-site/Online Life Development Training Programs: Women & Children.


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"Life is a precious gift. Every human being on earth has a purpose, a passionate dream to succeed in life-to often, those dreams become stifled from a lack of opportunity for expression or resources. In reality, there is an abundance of resources for all, and we who have enjoyed the successes of our lives can make a difference in someone else's life through donating. I invite you to become one of our "genies" and help jump-start the life of woman or child at risk."
- Silva Mirzoian, Founder
Passions & Dreams

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