Campaign that helps us bring together children and animals for the purpose of inspiring & empowering children with the necessary tools to learn the importance of being kind to themselves and to other living things.
Education is Power.

Many children & animals around the world are abused and neglected, we aim to reduce the suffering of many through
inspiring and loving programs and connections.
Working with many shelters and groups we awaken the spirit of Love within.
The world is a better place through love and kindness!

We have worked with:
The Salvation Army
Upward Bound  (read testimonial 12)
You youth organization – (read testimonial 1)
EDD – Employment Development Department(read testimonial 1, 2)
Bethesda House  (read testimonial 1)
Los Angeles urban League – (read testimonial 1)
Mama Hill’s Children Safe House –  (watch clip)
Belmont Cas/Leavey Learning Center
(read testimonial 1)   (Watch clip) 
Dress for Success – El Segundo
Urban League
Loving All Animals
Lost & Founds Dogs USA Network