With your generous contributions, we have helped thousands of
 Children & mothers.





The best way to secure financial security is through focused attention to work and life balance.
Guiding mothers to the ways they can establish a high confidence level to secure new career or home-based business together with financial responsibilities. through 0ur unique training – Jump-Start Your Life- 
Self-empowerment courses that unlock the tools and the steps to working and creating your dream lifestyle.
Teaching the ways to turn an experience/gift/talent or a hobby into a career or a business takes work, but we can do it!


Tools and programs that develop self-reliance life skills, improve attitude, cultivate empowering relationships, financial literacy, secure employment, focus on building a professional future and graduate from school.
 The Sky’s the Limit – with The “Gang of Hope”®-
After-school programs that focus on leadership training and creative arts programs. Teaching kids social skills and how to build their success through kindness to one another and all living things. 
Connecting  children with positive role models and mentors, giving kids hope to discover their possibilities in life. Gang of Hope is one way to reducing the student’s dropout rates from high school.